Yes!!  We do indeed have a vehicle now.  We have been able to get a Ford F350 Bus and now the task comes in getting it on the road. When we first got it, it did not run, but with some prayer and help from some friends we were able to diagnose the problem and one fuel pump, new battery, and fuel filter later, we have a RUNNING VEHICLE!!!!  Now we have reached the point that it has some minor work that needs to be done such as a front end alignment, tires, a back window, some cleaning, some heat & air work, and a tune up. 

The bus has been sitting for a little while but so far we are very happy with what God is doing.  As you can see from the pictures, Stephen has been doing a LOT of cleanup.  It has come out looking much much better than most would have thought, and we are a long ways towards having it as a permanent and traveling member.

We are asking everyone to help us pray for the funds to get the finishing repairs and maintenance done.  God has never let us down, and we are just waiting on Him.  Join with us that we can get our vehicle on the road, and be done with borrowing transportation or relying on others to haul us and the equipment around.  

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